Kunimdi Wo Ho Ma Won A

Kunimdi wɔ hɔ ma wɔn a wɔ twεn Jesus
(There is victory for those who wait on the Lord)
Na ne mogya ayε wɔn akokyεm
(And His blood is a seal for them)
Na n’asεm no yε, agyapade kεse ma wɔn
(And His Word is a great inheritance for them)
Na n’adom so eburuso ama wonyinaa
(And His grace abounds to them)
Momma yento, ayeyi ndwom ma No
(Let us sing songs of praises to Him)
Na hendze, enyuonyam sε No
(His kingship is worthy of glory)
Yεbεto, Yεbεto
(We will sing)
Halleluyah ndwom na yεbεto
(We will sing songs of praise)


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