Enigye Sem Kese, Otse Dem Yi (Nyame Te Ase)

Enigye sεm kεse, ɔtse dεm yi
(Such great news as this)
Yεn Dimafo Nyame tse ase
(Our Advocate is alive)
Nhyira nka yεn atseafo no
(Blessed are we those who yet live)
Wɔ awanwa dɔ a Ɔde dɔ yεn daa
(For His wonderful abiding love towards us)
Nyame tse ase O, Halleluyah
(God is alive, Halleluyah)
Ɔde N’adom no hwε yεn so daa daa
(He always cares for us with His grace)
Ɔma yεn daa edziban, Ɔyε yεn hia adze nyinaa
(He gives us our daily bread, He provides all our needs)
Halleluyah, Nyame tse ase O daa
(Halleluyah, God is alive forever)


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